About us

For several years we have been renting holiday houses to guests from all over the world.

Guests looking for peace and relaxation or exploring the area around the border triangle between Aachen, Maastricht and Liège will find this at Nelli's "Maison de Greunebennet".


Nelli's recommendations

You will find very good bakeries nearby in Plombieres Boulangerie Born (Rue Hack et Windt 11, 4852 Plombières) and Boulangerie Otten (Rue Gustave Demoulin 11, 4850 Montzen).

You will find an excellent butcher in Gemmenich. Danny Gouder de Beauregard (Rue César Franck 12, 4851 Gemmenich).

Grocery shops:

The nearest grocery shop is at "Ladry" in Hombourg (Centre 17, 4852 Hombourg).

Other good shopping possibilities:

Carrefour in Aubel

Also open on Sundays:

Albert Heijn in Vaals

Bistros and restaurants:

For an excellent home-brewed beer to go with your meal, try Grain D'Orge.

You can also have a delicious meal

at le Barbeau in Sippenaeken

at the Bistro le soigneur

at the Cochon Embouteillé in Hombourg

There is also a cosy atmosphere at Mooder de Gans in Teuven

First-class cuisine awaits you at L'apPetit in Montzen

and at the l'auberge de Moresnet

In any case, it is advisable to book a table in advance in the restaurants!

For the "simpler cuisine" there is still the Friterrie "Dani" in Gemmenich (Rue Saint-Hubert 3, 4851 Gemmenich) or "Hack" in Plombieres (Rue Hack 42, 4852 Plombières) or delicious are also the fresh pizzas from the vending machine of "Pizza Bella" in Lontzen (Rue de Liege 228, 4710 Lontzen, Belgium).

E-bike and bicycle rental:

In Epen you will find a bicycle rental with excellent service called Zinkviooltje. The bicycles can also be delivered on request.


1. Every tenant is responsible for avoiding avoidable noise in the apartment, in the house, in the yard and on the property. Special consideration is required in the time from 13.00 to 15.00 clock and in the night rest period between 22.00 clock and 6.00 clock. Radios, television, CD players and so on are to be adjusted to the volume of the room.

2. Celebrations or parties are not allowed and may, for a special occasion, be allowed only after prior agreement (prior to the conclusion of the lease) with the landlord.

3. Smoking is not allowed inside the apartment and indoors.

4. Out of consideration for guests with allergies, pets are not allowed.